Sempai Lucas Torres in Toms River - Rising Sun Karate Academy

Sempai Lucas Torres

Karate & Kickboxing Instructor

Sempai Lucas Torres is an excellent up and coming RSKA instructor. Our students look forward to his high energy classes and motivational instruction.LT1

His friendly disposition and willingness to help everyone improve, motivates his class to persevere. After a class taught by Sempai Torres, all of the students leave knowing they’re one step closer to reaching their goals.

In 2013 he achieved the rank of First Degree Black Belt and since that time, he has been an Assistant Instructor at Rising Sun Karate Academy. On May 14, 2016 he achieved the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt and the title of Sempai in the Rising Sun Karate Academy. Additionally, Sempai Torres has graduated from an extensive instructor training program. Sempai Torres’ older brother is Kyoshi Rob Torres, who now runs his own dojo in Los Angeles, LTCA. Before moving to the west coast, Kyoshi Rob Torres was actively training at RSKA on a daily basis. Sempai Torres has truly been around RSKA his entire life watching his brother teach classes and progress through the ranks.

It has been our pleasure watching Sempai Torres grow up from the infant watching his brother’s classes to an outstanding instructor and karate-ka.

He is a Program Director, a Karate Instructor and a Cardio Kickboxing Instructor at Rising Sun Karate Academy, Headquarters Dojo.

Sempai Torres is available for private lessons. Ask for more details.

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