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Shihan Rick Herbster

Shihan Rick Herbster – Founder of RSKA

Shihan Rick Herbster is the Founder of RSKA and has been actively involved in the martial arts for 50+ years. He trained in Karate under Shihan Isaac Henry, Jr., Hanshi H. Robert Haag and Shihan James R. Henry and he trained in Judo under Sensei Ed Huyler and Sensei C. Scott Main.

In addition to being the Founder and Executive Director of RSKA, Shihan Herbster is ranked in Japanese Jujitsu and continues his training in the RSKA Judo Program.

His outstanding career has included numerous awards and proclamations from community leaders, political officials, charitable organizations and fellow martial arts Masters and Grandmasters.

He has been an author for Black Belt Magazine and has written articles concerning the history of Wado-ryu karate and the life of Grandmaster Hironori Otsuka.

Shihan has coached and instructed RSKA students who have successfully competed in all levels of competition from local karate tournaments to international martial arts events sponsored by USA Karate and the World Karate Federation.

He has trained many successful students to the level of Master and beyond. One of his highest ranked and most well-known students is Hanshi Jason David Frank. Hanshi Frank is an accomplished 8th degree master and an internationally recognized figure in the world of martial arts. In 1992, at the age of 19, Hanshi Frank was cast as “Tommy Oliver” in one of the most popular children’s television series ever to air, “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.” Today, Hanshi Frank is the Director and Master Instructor of the RSKA schools in the Houston, Texas area.

In addition to Hanshi Jason David Frank, some of the notable RSKA Black Belts and Masters include Hanshi Carroll Pegeron, Kyoshi George Downey, Kyoshi Darren Ross, Kyoshi Rob Torres, Kyoshi John Martin, Renshi Alex Alarcón, Renshi Richard Herbster, Sempai Lucas Torres, and Toms River Police Chief, Sempai Mitch Little.

Shihan Rick Herbster is the Executive Director and Grandmaster at the RSKA Headquarters Dojo, located in Toms River, New Jersey.

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