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Mr. Bryan Clark

Karate, Fitness Kickboxing


Mr. Bryan Clark is an excellent Rising Sun Black Belt who began training at RSKA when he was a young child.


He is a Fitness Kickboxing instructor and is great role model for our Kids’ and our Adult Karate classes.


He can often be seen during our Little Rangers classes and Junior classes making corrections on a younger student with a friendly smile and gently nudging the students form until it is exact.


He has been a tournament competitor as well as participating in the Junior Olympics in 2009, where he won a Silver Medal in weapons competition and a Bronze Medal in kata competition.


On December 11, 2010 he achieved the rank of Shodan or 1st Degree Black Belt, but due to a family move to El Paso, Texas, he was away from the dojo for a few years. He is been back in NJ and he is active again at Rising Sun Karate Academy, preparing for his Nidan or 2nd Degree Black Belt Exam when he will take on an even bigger role. 


He has worked hard, and we all look forward to seeing him develop further as both an Instructor and as a martial artist.


Mr. Clark is available for private lessons. Ask for more details.

Mr. Clark’s favorite quote:

“When you wake up, think about winning the day. Don’t worry about a week from now, or month from now. Just think about one day at a time.  Win the Day!”

- Drew Brees 

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