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Sempai Haye

Karate Instructor


Sempai Alexander Haye began training at Rising Sun Karate Academy over a decade ago. He earned his Black Belt in 2015 and his Nidan or 2nd Degree black with the title of Sempai in 2018. He has been assisting our upper rank Instructors for several years and continues to develop as a young Instructor.

Sempai Haye is also one of our competitors and is a great role model for our kids’ classes. He has competed in multiple local and regional tournaments and has won first or second place in all three divisions: Kata, Weapons Kata, and Sparring.  He is also a member of the RSKA demo team which has performed for multiple high-ranking masters and guests. 


He can often be seen during our Little Rangers classes and Junior classes making corrections on a younger student with a friendly smile and gently nudging the students form until it is exact.


Sempai Haye consistently demonstrates the values of hard work, motivation, and the ability motivate our students. We all look forward to seeing him develop even further as an Instructor and as a martial artist.


Sempai Haye is available for private lessons. Ask for more details.




Sempai Haye’s favorite quote:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

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