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  • The Olympic Karate Guide for Tokyo 2020

    The Olympic Karate Guide for Tokyo 2020 By Jesse Enkamp In 2020, Karate will for the first time be included in the Olympic Games. This is a historic moment for the sport of Karate, as millions of practitioners worldwide now have chance to shine themselves in the Olympic glory. But how will this happen? Who can participate? Where will it be held? There are so many questions… Today I’m going to answer them! First of all, let’s cover the basics: The Olympics Games in 2020 will take place in Tokyo, Japan– the country famous for modernizing Karate. The venue where Karate will hold it’s competition is called Nippon Budokan , located in ....

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  • Improve Self-Esteem, Focus, and Coordination with Karate

    Improve Self-Esteem, Focus, and Coordination with Karate
    Your child doesn’t need a black belt to battle ADHD—martial arts can develop coordination, boost confidence, and improve focus.
    BY MELINDA BORING Martial arts teacher Rodger Pyle was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as a child, but he didn’t let it hold him back. “The public school didn’t know how to channel my energy, but I knew I could learn. I needed direction,” he says. Pyle found direction in martial arts. It gave him the confidence to work toward his goals. Today, at the USA Seibukan Martial Arts Training Center, in Columbus, Ohio, he helps ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts and Karate in Toms River!

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    We proudly serve the Toms River, Manchester, and Beachwood areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Karate, Judo, Fitness Kickboxing and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Twitter Instagram ....

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