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    We had our son’s 5th birthday party at Rising Sun Karate Academy. If you’re looking for something unique this is a great place to have a child’s birthday party. They were professional and took care of the set up and clean up. Sensei Koerner & Sensei Bush were great with all the children.

    By far the easiest party I’ve had for my kids because they handled everything for us. It was especially nice to have the place to ourselves. Felt way less chaotic than a party at urban air for example. They were very accommodating as they opened for us on my requested party date (they were supposed to be closed). They had fun activities planned the full hour and a half and kept the kid’s attention the entire time.

    Great place. I highly recommend!

    Sarah Picone

  • Kids Martial Arts  near Toms River

    My grandson LOVES Rising Sun Karate!! He's 6 years old and has only been in the program for 3 months. He can't wait for the next class. He loves to practice at home. He's learning karate, structure and respect. The teachers are fun and attentive to each child.

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    Maria had a fantastic class as always! She learns so much from each and every class. Darren really enjoyed his class... he loves when Kyoshi Alex is there. He loves all the Instructors, but there is just something special about Kyoshi Alex. I am so happy with the progress that both of my kids have been making! Sempai Haye is always amazing! He makes it fun and so enjoyable that my kids look forward to going to class each week!

    Thank you for doing such an amazing job!


    Sandy Keenan

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    Love our classes! Definitely 5 Stars. The teachers always continue to work with Camryn no matter what!

  • Kids Martial Arts  near Toms River

    To The Instructors at Rising Sun Karate Academy,

    We can't thank you enough for all you have done for Sam this year. You have shown him compassion, patience, determination and the importance and value of hard work. Sam admires and looks up to each of you. You are wonderful instructors!

    Sam loves going to Karate and we are so please that we enrolled him in Rising Sun Karate Academy last year.


    The Carrera Family

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    Always a great class. Learn something new every time!

    Richard Tate
  • Love your school and Madison enjoys every class!
  • Kids Martial Arts  near Toms River
    "Thank you for making this horrible time fun. The Videos are awesome! The Zoom Classes are perfect! The Driveway Dojo is truly a blessing!
  • Kids Martial Arts  near Toms River

    My son has a processing issue so it takes him a little longer to understand certain moves and they are very patient with him. My daughter just learns so much! So happy they are a part of such an amazing organization!

  • Kids Martial Arts  near Toms River

    I wanted you to know that my husband and I are extremely thankful for your passionate and patient spirit. We know that our 3-year-old son Cooper is tough, but you handle him with such grace. You give our son a chance when others have a difficult time doing so. Although it’s sometimes hard to get him here, we always show up because of you. Thank you for all of your hard work. You are a true representation of your art. Always know you are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for all you do!

                            The Oflynn’s

                            Wess & Liam

  • Kids Martial Arts  near Toms River

    You are all so amazing... mostly the patience you have with the kids is just wonderful!

    Thank you all

  • Alexis has grown a lot mentally and physically since she has enrolled in Rising Sun Karate Academy. Her discipline and self-confidence has improved as a result of your instruction. Thank you for your hard work. I’m very proud of my daughter and the school.
  • Please accept this letter as that of recognition for the commitment and dedication of all of the RSKA Instructors. Our son Vincent began at Rising Sun Karate Academy in December, 2014.  At only 3 years old, Vincent was incredibly young and eager to begin learning and studying karate. From his very early classes the instructors showed incredible persistence and a heartwarming ability to connect to young students. They were always patient and able to redirect behavior to ensure that not only Vincent, but all of the students in the class were engaged in the skills being taught and also having fun. 

    Throughout Vincent’s training at Rising Sun Karate Academy, he has advanced and earned belt promotions while under the guidance of the RSKA Instructors. 

    The enormous amount of time and dedication that the instructors put into karate and instructional training is evident and is shining through when they are teaching.They are not only positive role models for the young students which they instruct nightly, but also to the higher level belts who aspire to become instructors as well.

    We are proud to say that our son trains at RSKA!

  • Kids Martial Arts  near Toms River

    Lucas is great at his job… Very motivating. It is always a pleasure to attend his kickboxing classes.

  • Kids Martial Arts  near Kids Martial Arts

    Benjamin had his first private lesson with Mr. Koerner. Benjamin came out happy and smiling. He learned a lot and had a great time doing it. Thank you, Mr. Koerner! Definitely more private lessons to come :-)

  • The best Martial Arts school I know.

  • I attend adult cardio kickboxing class 5 days per week with instructor, Sensei Torres. The instructor provides, fun, challenging and well guided activities with motivational music in the background during the 45 minute class. The opportunity to push yourself and encourage others is fostered by instructor Torres. I leave RSKA feeling great and looking forward to the next class!

  • Abby Velazquez Alejandro reviewed Rising Sun Karate Academy — 5 star
    August 30 at 11:26 AM 

    I started with the free kickboxing trial and ended up signing up with them, I love the classes, they are so good there and friendly. Sempai Torres is the best he will help you and motivate you all the way, you will never be bored of the classes. One of the best decisions I have made. Thank you guys for everything absolutely love the kickboxing classes!!!!!

  • I really like that the instructors are spending time to help each student get better in preparation for belt testing.

  • A fabulous class as usual!!

  • Kids Martial Arts  near Toms River

    So much fun. All the boys were fully engaged and having fun the entire time.

  • Great!!! An individual only gets out of the class what they put into it!! Sensei Torres inspires and pushes the members to do their best.

  • A fantastic school filled with instructors that really do care about what they are teaching! One of the few, if not only, traditional Karate schools in the area. You earn your tips and belts here! My son (Ryan) has learned so much and continues to improve and want to learn. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the family and looking forward to more. Thanks RSKA! Thank you to Shihan and the rest of the core instructors for your guidance and instruction.

    Anthony Natale, Dad of an RSKA Karate Student
  • I can't say enough wonderful things about RSKA! Sempai Torres is amazing with the kids! I'm truly grateful to have my daughter attending classes there. She has improved her focus and ability to follow instructions as well as showing more confidence in everyday activities.

    Danielle Kuhlwein, MOM OF KIDS KARATE STUDENT
  • Last night class was awesome! Kyoshi Downey corrected my stances, punches and kicks.

    Thank you!!!

    Deborah Ostil, Adult Karate Student
  • Excellent as usual! Kyoshi Downey is a great instructor.

    Alex Perry, Adult Karate student
  • Sempai Torres is awesome. Great workout every time!
    Alison Carlisle, Fitness Kickboxing Student
  • Always a positive experience with Renshi Alex. My son really enjoyed the class and I love that there was serious instruction going on and the kids were handled in a positive manner.

    Stacey Downey Brower, Mom of Kids Karate Student
  • Great class last night! Kyoshi Downey is a great Instructor. He takes the time to really explain the moves as he teaches, making sure you understand it before moving on to the next step.

    Lisa Fischer, Adult Karate Student
  • Nice, clean dojo. They really know their stuff. The owner, Shihan Rick Herbster, is a great guy. It's a great place to learn self defense, and they are especially good with kids.

    Clinton Main, Judo Black Belt
  • Sempai Torres is a great Kickboxing Instructor - love his class - that's why I get there!

    Lisa Little, Fitness Kickboxing Student
  • Another great class, Thank you!

    And congratulations to Shihan Herbster!

    Ryan Natale, Kids Karate Student
  • I loved the corrections given by the Black Belts. They really gave constructive criticism in a positive way. It's so great that the kids enjoy class while learning.

    Thanks for everything you guys do!

    Stacey Downey Brower, Mom of Kids Karate Student
  • Justin has continued to improve on his focus and thinking through his decisions. In school and camp he listens to instructions and leads others by example.
    Joel Garcia, Dad of Kids Karate Student
  • We are very happy with our choice of RSKA. The instructors are amazing. Liam enjoys class and is setting goals for what he wants to accomplish. He is learning so much from Sempei Torres.

    Thank you RSKA.


    Dawn Adams-Smith, Mom of Kids Karate Student
  • I honestly can't say enough good things about Rising Sun. They came highly recommend by a family member and The TRPD so we had no doubts it was the BEST place to send our son in the area. Our son's main instructor Sempai Torres is beyond amazing with the Kids. I am blown away that at such a young age he can handle these 5 and under aged kids like he has a masters in early childhood education and has been an educator for years. I have three young children at home and his patience, understanding, and demeanor are so impressive. My son adores him. We decided to send our son to karate because it not only helps him develop physically but helps him develop discipline, respect, and many applicable life skills. They also are TRULY teaching my son karate which is important to why we selected Rising Sun. My husband and I don't believe in everyone "getting a trophy for participation" and try to install how important hard work and commitment are in life and Rising Sun practices this philosophy as well. Everyone is so friendly, extremely passionate, and wonderful. I have enjoyed watching our son's progression and love seeing how much he enjoys it. We are very pleased with our decision to enroll him at Rising Sun and are grateful for the entire staff for sharing their passion of Karate with our son. When are twins are old enough we will definitely be sending them as well. Thank you for all you do!

    Megan Murray Kuhmann, Mom of Kids Karate Student
  • Extremely happy here. Mya has learned so much and talks about Karate all the time.
    Michelle Scutti, Mom of 2 Kids Karate Students
  • Fantastic karate school! Couldn't be more pleased and say enough good things about all of the programs there!

    Eric Patmore, Dad of 2 Kids Karate Students
  • My son Evan attended there. What a great bunch of instructors. Very focused on teaching the right things. Highly recommend all to stop by and take a look at, what this great team has, to offer.

    Sandor Lengyel
  • Logan has learned so much at this karate school...they all all have amazing patience!!

    Elizabeth Liz Zambujo Oliveira, Mom of Teen Karate Student
  • karate es un deporte de una diciplina correcta respecto a tu persona y semejantes con los buenos Instructores haciendo un buen trabajo con los alumnos y son Certificados en esta academia ..y yo me siento activo gracias de estas en esta academia

    Arturo Gonzales, Adult Karate Black Belt
  • Nice, clean dojo. They really know their stuff. The owner Rick Herbster is a great guy. It's a great place to learn self defense, and they are especially good with kids.

    Clinton Main
  • You won't find a better Martial Arts Academy in the area. Great Training and a wealth of Knowledge. Instructors are great with both kids and adults. Training here changed my life! I highly recommend them!

    Kyoshi Robert Torres
  • We are very thankful for joining Rising Sun Karate Academy. The instructors are truly amazing, the patience they have makes a tremendous difference in our children's lives. Brandon has built his confidence and is learning how to be respectful to others and seeing Brandon stay focused is truly amazing as he has severe anxiety. They teach our children to dedicate the time and to never give up on a goal. I look forward to seeing Brandon go further in this school. Watching my son learning and having fun to is priceless
    Joann Conroy, Mom of Kids Karate Student
  •  I have learned a great deal from the wonderful instructors at the RSKA. I will continue to set and attain goals and will continue to put forth maximum effort both in and outside of class.
    Joseph Przewoznik, Adult Karate Student
  • Everyone is fabulous. So glad we chose Rising Sun.

    Kat Patmore, Mom of 2 Kids Karate Students
  • Brandon has come a long way since he began training at RSKA.  I have always been very impressed with every instructor at the dojo and with the personal attention and guidance each one has given Brandon

    At this time, we would like to thank all of you for all you do and have done to help Brandon in class and with his private instruction. You are excellent role models and instructors and we appreciate your patience and guidance with Brandon every step of the way. 

    Judy Roberts, Mom of an RSKA Black Belt
  • Benjamin has learned so much since he first begin almost two years ago. He has become less sensitive and more confident in himself.
    Stephanie & Terence Warren, Parents of Kids Karate Student
  • I've always noticed the transformation that happens when a student becomes a black belt, but to see it happen to my own son is truly amazing! Thank you so much. Ben will carry the pride of being a RSKA Black belt forever.

    Karen Thomas, Mom of RSKA Black Belt
  • Since beginning karate at Rising Sun Karate Academy, Lauren has become more disciplined, focused and confident. Her love for karate grows each day. She is stronger each and every day.
    Denise Murphy, Mom of Kids Karate Student
  • When my pediatrician recommended karate for my son, we chose Rising Sun very carefully.  I went to other schools, watched lessons, talked to instructors, talked to the parents and I knew immediately that Rising Sun was the best.

    Mrs. Michele Jamison, Mom of RSKA Black Belt
  • After a long day at the office, I look forward to the high-energy, stress reducing classes at Rising Sun Karate Academy.

    Dr. Sam Schenker, Adult Karate Black Belt
  • You have done a wonderful job with our sons, Bryan and Jonathan.  They have learned more in six months at Rising Sun Karate Academy than in two years at their previous dojo.

    Patrick Clark, Dad of 2 Karate Students
  • Philip is ready and motivated for the next level. He looks forward to sparring and weapons in class.

    Mrs. Bentivegna, Mom of Teen Karate Student
  • Always learning something new!

    Burt Fischer, Adult Karate student
  • My son has been attending Rising Sun Karate Academy since November and he really loves his class. His instructor is fabulous. He works well with the little ones and gets them to listen and follow direction. I’m so glad we found Rising Sun for his karate classes. He likes to practice what he has learned in class at home.

    Mrs. Patmore, Mom of a Karate Student
  • Paige and Sofia absolutely love going to class and are learning so much. Thank you for everything you do for our kiddos.

    Mrs. Micliz, Mom of 2 Karate Students
  • Judo classes are always the best at Rising Sun. At first this was something to do to help a friend, then it turned into my “weekly workout”. But now it is turning into a way of life. I credit the instructors for that. There is a great blend of instructors that can relate to all types of situations, both within the teaching realm and within real life aspects. I look forward to being a member of Rising Sun for a very long time.

    John Rubin, Adult Judo Student
  • Great class! Brandon is more confident and is staying focused and looking forward to going further!!

    Joann Conroy, Mom of a Karate Student
  • My son Jackson is so excited to learn. Your instructors really seem to focus on helping him perfect his studies.

    Stacie Downey Brower, Mom of a Karate Student
  • My kids raved about how much fun they had at Ninja Night and can’t wait to do it again!

    Mrs. Reyes, Mom of 2 Karate Students
  • Master Herbster makes the class difficult in the most fun and enjoyable way possible. I always feel like I’ve learned so much.

    Dr. Rada Shakov, Karate Student & Mom of 2 Karate Students
  • Benjamin has learned so much in the short time he has been at Rising Sun Karate Academy. He loves it and so do we!

    Mrs. Warren, Mom of a Karate Student
  • Alexander loves every class at RSKA. If he could be there every day, he would. It’s his other family, it’s home for him and I’m very happy he feels like that.

    Mrs. Virginia Haye, Mom of a Karate Black Belt
  • My son Christopher has grown tremendously through the years of being a part of your school. I must say he loves coming to class and that is all thanks to the wonderful staff at Rising Sun. My husband and I thank all of you for your hard work and dedication because without you guys my son would not have made the outstanding progress he has in the amount of time he has been a student.

    Debbie & Richie Rodriguez, Parents of a Karate Black Belt
  • My child has improved in his social skills, physical strength and karate techniques. Rising Sun is truly an important asset to the community.

    Mr. Calugay, Dad of a Karate Student
  • Last night’s class was great! I thought the discipline and teaching method really connected with the kids.

    Dr. Haider, Dad of a Karate Student
  • I am very pleased with our decision to enroll our son in Karate. He absolutely loves it and Sempai Torres is excellent with the kids. I am extremely impressed with how he manages kids so young keeping them focused, engaged, and having fun. We are excited to watch our son progress in Karate.

    Mrs. Kuhmann, Mom of a Karate Student
  • Benjamin has learned so much in the short time he's been at Rising Sun Karate. He loves it and so do we!

    Mrs. Warren, Mom of a Karate Student
  • Last nights class was great just like always, Sempai Torres and Master Herbster have amazing patience with my little guy and he loves going.

    Mrs. Jacobs, Mom of a Karate Student
  • Madison has learned a lot since beginning and even more since boot camp, she loved learning the kata!

    Courtney Kuhl, Mom of a Karate Student
  • Jackson is more confident and very proud of his accomplishments since starting with Rising Sun. He looks forward to his classes and loves his instructors.
    Stacie Downey Brower, Mom of a Karate Student


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